Liz Thomas was born in Texas, 1991, and raised in Oklahoma. She has loved the outdoors ever since she could remember. A Girl Scout for 14 years, all the way from Daisy to Ambassador and then later a camp counselor and facilitator. She also became an instructor for canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, ropes course, archery, singing, crafts, geocaching, and much more. 

Liz later went on to college in Durango, CO, where she discovered outdoor rock climbing and slacklining. While completing her major in Mathematics and minor in Adventure Education, Liz was actively training both sports. In the beginning, rock climbing was her passion and slacklining was an avid hobby but that has changed in the recent years. 

She says: 
“It’s funny to think of the day my friends tried to get me on a line 5 feet off the ground and I refused. But these day I’m on lines hundreds of feet up and they think it’s crazy!”

Liz is now a Professional Slackliner and Highliner, she has performed in several Circuses in Colorado. She also teaches and travels as a YogaSlackers Teacher across the country. But Liz isn’t just a slacker, she is also an acrobat, aerialist, handstander, and flow artist. 

Now Liz is living in San Diego, California, but can be found at many Highline gatherings all year round. She loves to teach and perform so please don’t hesitate to contact her about classes and privates. You can also follow her adventures on Instagram and Facebook.